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Car class e Gamemodeicon pursuit mp All In
Team Escape Length 11.38 km
Time-icon 4:45
Driver 4 Players
Strike 2 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 2
Locations Silverton

All In is a Class 'E' Team Escape event that has two strikes, and a 4:45 escape time.

All In starts in the Neon Mile, goes through Rosewood, and ends near the motels in Infinity Park, Silverton.

This track was known as the fastest way to earn Rep and Cash due to the short length and high rewards. There are shorter team escape tracks, but they offer less rep and cash due to lower player count. However, when it became a Class Event restricted to Class E cars it became more difficult to complete. Class E cars are too slow to make it to the finish in time unless the driver is very skilled and/or the car is as fast as a Class E car can be. On March 6th 2013, the time limit was increased by 45 seconds, making it easier to finish.


  • There are Rhinos located on both Silverton-Rosewood Connectors. One is located on Highway 99, near the Gas Station, three are located in Rosewood College, two in Downtown Rosewood (after passing the Rosewood College Hospital jump), and two near the Silverton-Rosewood Connector on the end of the track. They will usually appear on front of the leader in the team. However, players may encounter extra Rhinos if the leader and the second player are too close to each other.
  • There are no cops that try to push players into roadblocks.
  • There are no Chevrolet Corvette Z06 cop cars in this event.


  • All In is a term in Poker where the player bets all of their money on a single hand.
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