The City Fire Hall is the name given to the Fire Stations of the Rockport Fire Department.

Downtown Rockport

City Fire Hall Downtown
Downtown Rockport has the smallest fire station of the three boroughs. It can be found in Little Italy at an entrance to the park. The water tower can be used as a pursuit breaker and is incorrectly labelled "Rosewood".

Rosewood Fire Hall 9

Rosewood Fire Department
Rosewood has the largest fire station in Rockport and is located in Downtown Rosewood. The water tower can be used as a pursuit breaker and is the only of the three fire station water towers that is correctly labelled "Rosewood".


City Fire Hall
The Camden City Fire Hall is a Fire Station located in Camden. It can be found between Thrilltown Carnival and the starting line for the Speed Fair Drag race. The water tower was often used in the Camden Hills circuit where it could block the path of opponents on the second corner. This tower is incorrectly labelled "Rosewood".

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