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Car class b Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Compromised
Team Escape Length 19.09 km
Time-icon 7:30
Driver 4 Players
Strike 2 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 3
Locations Fortuna
Downtown Palmont

Compromised is a Team Escape event that has a 7 minute 30 second escape time with two allowed strikes. This is the longest team escape by both time and distance.

The track begins in Verona Tunnel's shortcut in Fortuna, goes through Kempton, Historic Chinatown, and ends again in Fortuna, near the Exhibition Center and the old Need for Speed: Carbon Safehouse.


  • When in Chinatown, drive as fast and straight as you can so you can jump over the roadblocks that are hidden behind the dips on the road.
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