Diamond Park

Diamond Park is one of the parks located in Rosewood. It is small, features a newsagent stand and a wall of trees. The shape of the paved roads in and around it resembles the shape of a diamond, hence the name of the park. Behind the wall of vegetation, there is a Flea Market across the road, which was used in Need for Speed: Most Wanted as the first safehouse in the game.

Diamond & Union starts right next to this park, hence its title. However, Heritage & Diamond sprint ends on one of the neighboring streets, not adjacent to the park.


  • Left/Inside Park
  • Park with NFSMW Radio Station in Background
  • Looking out of the front of Park
  • One of the buildings on the edge of the park bears the title "nfsmw". The same building was also present in Most Wanted and is shown on the right.

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