Rockport Downtown

Downtown Rockport is the city Center of Rockport City and is based on New York City. It is home to several landmarks including Riverfront Stadium, Century Square, Rockport Airport, Highway 201, the tunnel system, Little Italy, Fairmont Bowl and the Rockport Turnpike.


There are eight race events, one Drag race, two Team Escape events and one Pursuit Outrun taking place in Downtown Rockport.

Type Class Event Name KM
Gamemodeicon circuit Car class d Financial District 4
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Car class a Late Departure 4
Gamemodeicon sprint Open event Lion's Challenge 9
Gamemodeicon circuit Car class c Little Italy 8
Gamemodeicon sprint Open event Lyons & HWY 201 8
Gamemodeicon sprint Car class s Riverfront & Green 13
Pursuit Outrun Open event Rockport Resistance
Gamemodeicon drag Open event Rockport Turnpike 0,85
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Open event Underground 4
Gamemodeicon sprint Open event Valley & State 7
Gamemodeicon sprint Car class b West Park & Forest 14
Gamemodeicon sprint Car class b West Park & Lyons 5

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