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Forest Green

Forest Green Country Club is a golf course/district located in Rosewood. It has a main entrance through the clubhouse with two cafes that players can smash through whilst many other side entrances are available. There are many dirt paths from surrounding areas like Highland Trails and Highway 99 that lead to smashable wooden fences to get onto the course. This is also a good place to drift and an unofficial Meeting Place.

The Rosewood Rally and Rosewood Rally Rev sprints begin and end near the top of the golf course.

Ski Club

During the winter holiday season, the golf course is converted into a ski club and is covered in artificial snow from snow machines. It also has three ski-jumps which players can use as ramps and at night, the Need for Speed World logo appears in spotlight form on the ice near the end of each jump and on the back of one of the jumps. To add to the experience, the free roam music changes to a more wintery tune.

Snow at Forest Green Country Club

Snow at Forest Green Country Club.mp4