Frisky is a soft drink brand first introduced in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and has reappeared in Need for Speed: Carbon, Need for Speed: ProStreet, and Need for Speed: World.

Frisky Lemon Lime

The first flavor of the soda brand is Lemon Lime.  Frisky Lemon Lime only appears on vending machines placed around the cities as static objects. The soda appears on the front of the machine.

Frisky Cola

Unlike Frisky Lemon Lime, Frisky Cola is a new brand introduced in Need for Speed: World.  Also unlike the Lemon Lime version, Frisky Cola does not appear on any vending machines. Instead it only appears on a digital advertisement in Century Square.


  • Frisky Lemon Lime is likely a parody of Sprite and Frisky Cola is a parody of Coca-Cola.
  • There is also a product named Frisky in Need for Speed: The Run.

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