HRE is a wheels manufacturer founded in the 1970's. The parts from HRE are very rare and there is only one style that can be bought from the Aftermarket Shop. The rest can only be obtained from an Aftermarket Pack.


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  • HRE Style B 21" - 960 SpeedBoost
  • HRE Style B 20" - 920 SpeedBoost
  • HRE Style B 19" - 880 SpeedBoost
  • HRE Style B 18" - 840 SpeedBoost
  • HRE Style B 17" - 800 SpeedBoost


  • HRE Style A 21"
  • HRE Style A 20"
  • HRE Style A 19"
  • HRE Style A 18"
  • HRE Style A 17"
  • HRE Style C 21"
  • HRE Style C 20"
  • HRE Style C 19"
  • HRE Style C 18"
  • HRE Style C 17"

Pre-equipped rims on Cars


Aftermarket Pack Aftermarket Parts
Bodykit icon
Spoiler standard
Hood standard
Lowering stage 3
IconAftermarket License Plate Blue
Need for Speed
Tint Yellow
Neon Gold
IconAftermarket Wheels BBS E20 5Zigen ADR American Racing BBS Center Line Enkei HRE iForged Konig
Lowenhart Racing Hart Tenzo-R TSW Volk Work

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