Car class c Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Home Run
Team Escape Length 15.65 km
Time-icon 6:30
Driver 4 Players
Strike 3 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 3
Locations Rosewood
Downtown Palmont

Home Run is a Class 'C' Team Escape Event that has three strikes, and a 6 minutes and 30 seconds escape time.

Home Run starts on a shortcut near Forest Green Country Club, and goes all the way through Rosewood, Downtown Palmont, and Kempton.


It's recommended to only use the Pursuit Breakers near Hickley Field when in fourth place, because otherwise, teammates behind may be blocked. The only way to pass through the area once the pursuit breakers have been activated is to reset the car using the "Backspace" key to pass through the pursuit breakers. Also be careful near the sewage area shortcut in Kempton as two or three rhinos will charge at you.

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