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Infinity Park


South End with view of Neon Mile

Infinity Park
is a small transitory district of Silverton, connecting the industrial area of Silverton Refinery with the extravagant boulevards of Neon Mile and Shady Pine. In World, it also features a Silverton-Rosewood connector tunnel. The only landmarks of the area are Paradise Hotel and StarView, whilst part of South Pacific is located here too. There is only one event that starts here which is the famous Eagle Drive.

It is a mystery why exactly this district is called Infinity Park. Like in the case of West Park and East Park, there is no visible park area, though some tree bitmaps and open spaces may suggest a park either behind StarView or Paradise Hotel. However, it most probably refers to the area around the motels. Trees can also be seen rising above the connector tunnel.


  • One of the motels in this area, near the Rosewood connector, advertises itself this way: "BORWEN SLEPT HERE!". This may have a connection with the name of the road on which the motel is located, Bowen Avenue.
  • Two strange 3-way intersection marks can be found in the area, vaguely resembling the "Cross Pope". Such symbols can also be found in other parts of Palmont and was probably the symbol of a minor crew in Need for Speed: Carbon.