Lyons is an area in south-west Rosewood in Rockport that is best known for being the start and finish line of several races. It is also where players can access The Burrows, which is a connector road leading to Palmont. Lyons consists of a junction where three roads meet, including the Burrows road joining from the west. The junction is also known for the Rocket Girl Diner located on the south-east end of it.

The road coming from the east is a narrow road running along-side the unseen river, with lots of parking lots and a loading bay providing a hazardous experience for any street racer that drives through. These lots may at times seem like shortcuts but they are only useful for avoiding any obstructions on the road (such as roadblocks). This road has businesses, factories and an old parts shop from Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This road comes from an intersection where Hastings Road passes the Rosewood Bus Terminal.

The Main road passing through Lyons is a large road that links Highway 99's Petersburg Interchange, to Highway 201. The interchange that links it to Highway 201 is known as Lyons Interchange even though it is unknown what its actual name is. This interchange is where the highway goes under the road and through Lyons Tunnel. After this interchange the road continues through the center of Downtown Rockport and out to the other side where it ends at another unnamed interchange on Highway 201.

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