Nova-T is a Street Series part manufacturer. All their improved, sport and tuned parts can be bought for IGC in the Performance Shop.

TierIcon NFSW Improved






Nova-T Engine 2-1-0% 3-2-0% 4-3-0%
Nova-T Induction 0-1-0% 2-1-0% 2-3-0%
Nova-T Transmission 1-0-1% 2-1-0% 3-2-3%
Nova-T Suspension 0-1-3% 1-2-4% 2-3-4%
Nova-T Brakes 0-0-3% 0-0-4% 0-0-4%
Nova-T Tires 0-0-3% 1-1-4% 2-2-4%

Part Characteristics

Nova-T parts are also known as the red parts, along with Richter (Race parts), Ventura (Pro parts), and Attack Motorsport (Ultra parts). These parts are focused on producing better handling. It features evenly distributed weight and lightweight power parts (Engine, Forced Induction and Transmission), stiff suspension, powerful brakes, and drift-like tires. The power parts for these cars are known to be the worst ones compared to the other brands due to the low stat numbers of the parts. These parts are considered the lighter versions of the yellow/gold parts (Amerikon Speedsystems, Gromlen, Medion, Transtek), and work best on most tuners.

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