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Omnia Racegruppe
Omnia Racegruppe is a Street Series part manufacturer. All their improved, sport, and tuned parts can be bought for IGC in the Performance Shop
TierIcon NFSW Improved






Omnia Engine 3-1-0% 4-2-0% 4-3-0%
Omnia Induction 2-1-0% 3-2-0% 4-3-0%
Omnia Transmission 3-1-0% 4-2-1% 4-3-2%
Omnia Suspension 1-0-2% 1-2-3% 3-2-4%
Omnia Brakes 0-0-2% 0-0-2% 0-0-3%
Omnia Tires 0-0-1% 1-1-2% 2-2-3%

Part Characteristics

Omnia Racegruppe parts are also known as the green parts, along with Norset (Race parts), URSA Motorsport (Pro parts), and Speedsciens (Ultra parts). These parts are focused on producing more top speed, meaning that the engine and forced induction will be focused on the higher RPMs, the transmission has longer gear ratios, the suspensions are soft, and the brakes are loose. The handling parts usually increase stability of the cars and produce understeer into corners as a side effect. The power parts (Engine, Forced Induction and Transmission) are known to the community as bugged parts, when in fact, these parts work the best with only a handful of cars.