Racing Hart

Racing Hart is a wheels manufacturer founded in 1995, with parts available from the Aftermarket Shop.


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  • Racing Hart Style B 21" - 960 SpeedBoost
  • Racing Hart Style B 20" - 920 SpeedBoost
  • Racing Hart Style B 19" - 880 SpeedBoost
  • Racing Hart Style B 18" - 840 SpeedBoost
  • Racing Hart Style B 17" - 800 SpeedBoost

Pre-equipped rims on Cars


Aftermarket Pack Aftermarket Parts
Bodykit icon
Spoiler standard
Hood standard
Lowering stage 3
IconAftermarket License Plate Blue
Need for Speed
Tint Yellow
Neon Gold
IconAftermarket Wheels BBS E20 5Zigen ADR American Racing BBS Center Line Enkei HRE iForged Konig
Lowenhart Racing Hart Tenzo-R TSW Volk Work

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