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Alert This article is about the Bridge. For the Drag Event then please see Rockport Turnpike (Drag).

Rockport Turnpike is a bridge that was released on October 27th 2010. Because it is long and straight, the bridge is a popular place for Free Roam drag races and showing off cars. At the end of the bridge, there is a tollbooth closed off to any type of traffic. There is currently nothing beyond the tollbooth besides approximately 100m of road. Before the turnpike was released, the community was able to glitch into the area. The developers fixed the glitch a few times but the community was able to find loopholes into the area. The Turnpike was also got featured in Spot The Devs 9 for the first time ever. As of the drag update on October 16th 2012, Rockport Turnpike now has an official drag event.


Tri-Cities would come out later in the future of Need for Speed: World and be connected via the Turnpike, but it is something that the developers are not currently working on. [1]


  • In pursuit outrun, there is a glitch where pursuing police units would not spawn on the turnpike and try to stop the player. Only police roadblocks and police rhinos would spawn on the turnpike.