Seaside Highway is a main road in Camden running from the Boardwalk in Ocean Hills and ends at Chase Road in front of the Rockport Museum. It's considered a highway because there used to be a tollbooth on the road, but it was removed for Need for Speed: World.

Seaside Highway is little known because there are only traffic plates showing where it is, and its name wasn't recorded for the police CV radio in Most Wanted. It's often confused as Ocean Hills Drive because Seaside Highway was not recorded for the police radio, but Ocean Hills Drive was. Therefore, Ocean Hills Drive takes Seaside Highway's place in the CV Radio.


Pursuit Breakers/Cooldown Spots

  • Patio Deck
  • Gazebo
  • Scaffold
  • Gas Pumps
  • There are two Cooldown Spots, a construction site and a car wash

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