IconSkillMod Socialite

Socialite is an Explorer Skill that will give the player extra In-Game-Cash in Multiplayer Races.

Since May 30th 2012

Icon Function
IconCurrency IGC
Star StarStar Star
Total Bonus
IconSkillMod Socialite Increases Cash earned
from Multiplayer Races
12,500 3-6% 7-9% 14-17% 18-21% 30%

Before May 30th 2012

IconSkillMod Socialite Socialite
Increases the amount of Cash you win from Multiplayer Races.
Rank 1 +5% Increase Requires Driver Level 5 & 3 points on Explore Skills
Rank 2 +10% Increase Requires Driver Level 15 & 5 points on Explore Skills

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