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South Pacific

Mirror (Left) & South Pacific (Right)

South Pacific is a large themed hotel/casino on the Neon Mile / Shady Pine, in Silverton. It is best known for its two artificial erupting volcanoes. It also has other large structures, like the Easter Island Head carved rocks, artificial hot springs, and bamboo made huts. This hotel is inspired by Treasure Island on Las Vegas Strip, and just like Treasure Island and Mirage from Las Vegas, South Pacific and the Mirror Hotel are very closely connected.

It is located on the east end of Neon Mile, on the north side of the boulevard, and borders on Infinity Park, Neon Mile, and Shady Pine districts. The Palmont City Monorail system also ends here.


In Need for Speed: Carbon, the hotel was a shade of green. In World, the shade of green can be seen from parts of Downtown Palmont.

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