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Spoiler standard

A Spoiler is a visual upgrade in the Aftermarket Shop, and can be bought with either In-game Cash or SpeedBoost. Most of the spoilers have a standard and a carbon fiber variation. Standard spoilers have the custom paint option, but carbon fiber spoilers do not have the custom paint option. Unlike any other Need for Speed games, spoilers in Need for Speed World are a visual upgrade and do not affect the performance or aerodynamic properties of a car.

Buying or removing spoilers individually is possible since November 27th, 2012. Before the November 27th patch, spoilers could not be individually installed but came with bodykits.

In addition, spoiler compatibility has been added; which are Small Car and Large Car. Small cars are limited to spoilers that are compatible with small cars and large cars are limited to spoilers that are compatible with large cars.

Below is a list containing all the spoiler types and the price in the aftermarket shop.

List of Spoilers:

Spoiler name Cost
Curv 10,000 IconCurrency IGC
Curv - CF 600 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Glint 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Glint - CF 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Hero 10,000 IconCurrency IGC
Hero - CF 400 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Hex 10,000 IconCurrency IGC
Hex - CF 400 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
No Spoiler 300 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Omni 600 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Omni - CF 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Prime 600 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Prime - CF 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Q - Tech Unavailable
Verge 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Verge - CF 800 IconCurrency SpeedBoost
Wizen 10,000 IconCurrency IGC
Wizen - CF 400 IconCurrency SpeedBoost

Note, once you remove a spoiler, the spoiler is no longer available but in the aftermarket shop (requires new purchasing).