The Starter Pack was an optional bundle that could be bought online. The pack contained IconCurrency SpeedBoost28,000 and double Powerups for every new profile created. There would be at least one car with the pack but it depended on where it was purchased. On March 12th 2012, the Gold, Silver and Bronze Starter Packs was introduced containing different Items.

Back in Version 4 of the game, the Starter Pack was a requirement in order to unlock the Level 50 Cap + additional IGC Cars for purchase. However, in patch Version 4.8, September 12th 2010, the Level 10 Restriction Cap has been lifted. All players who weren't able to buy the Starter Packs were now able to reach Level 50 and buy several cars that cannot be purchased by people who were restricted to Level 10.

Starter Packs are currently unavailable for purchase.

Platinum Starter Pack (Unavailable)

The Platinum Starter Packs contains

Gold Starter Pack (Unavailable)

The Gold Starter Packs contains

Silver Starter Pack (Unavailable)

Bronze Starter Pack (Unavailable)

Need for Speed World Site Starter Pack (Unavailable)

NOTE: The same pack is also available at Best Buy, Impulse, Metaboli UK, Nexway UK, and GamersGate UK

Origin Starter Pack (Unavailable)

Direct2Drive/Direct2Drive UK Starter Pack (Unavailable)

NOTE: After Direct2Drive became GameFly. The pack GameFly distributes is now the same as the Origin Starter Pack .

EA Store/Store UK Starter Pack (Unavailable)

GameStop/GameStop Germany Starter Pack (Unavailable)

Not to be confused with the GameStop Bonus Pack

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