The Stress Test Beta was announced after the Open Beta was finished. The purpose of this beta was to see if the server could handle stress. It went only for 2 days, started on July 13th 2010 and ended on July 14th 2010.

In this beta, 8000 SpeedBoost was given to every player. Players could take any car as rent from Driver Level 1. For this test, driver level was limited to 10. Rest of the game was same as Open Beta.

A community event was also running during this test. The objective was to make fastest time on mentioned events & be on Top 5.

  • TIER 1: Spade Street
  • TIER 2: Lincoln Boulevard
  • TIER 3: Hwy 99 & State

The prize for this event was the Starter Pack from EA, which included

  • 8000 Speedboost,
  • Joining Headstart
  • VIP Status
  • Bundle of Power-Ups
  • Exclusive Speedhunters Toyota Corolla AE86.

A confusion occurred when the winners were announced. The winners provided in the first announcement were not the ones that were the real winners[1]. They were still given starter pack prize & an apology came from EA regarding this matter[2]. Later on the Headstart on July 20th, 2010, the prizes were given to the real winners[3].


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