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For Round 2, would it be better to change this to "Performance Shop". There's one for aftermarket parts so would be similar to that. Barely anything would need to change in the actual article. Shiruhanta 01:40, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

There is one more thing we can add, performance packages, which was available f
Nfsw 2010-06-29 12-26-57-53

Performance Packages Street

rom Closed Beta 6, June 28, 2010 to Nov 15,2010, just until v5 arrived. I think you guys know this info already, just haven't seen any here.

There was 2 type performance packages, Street & Pro. And under each of them were 3 bodykits. Street package performance was like todays Street Improved Performance, while the Pro Package was like Race Improved performance.

Nfsw 2010-06-29 12-27-04-91

Performance Packages PRO

If interested to know what which cars had this performance packages, visit my Cars List before v5

When BB converted to v5, they included performance parts as I mentioned above to keep some balance.

Info is still small. I never noted down the performance packages names. Maybe someone can search for those. And hopefully with some creativity, make a page for this.

ABDmaster 04:31, January 5, 2012 (UTC)