The Burrows
The Burrows is a connector road that links Palmont and Rockport together. It is a very green area with both residential and office towers and according to the map, a river. There are two long tunnels and a drag race by the name of Burrows, which is what gives the road its name.

The road is accessible from the Asian gardens in north-east Kings Park in Downtown Palmont, and from Lyons in Rosewood.

Many of the buildings between the two tunnels cannot be seen from outside this area, and many of the buildings outside cannot be seen from inside this area. This is because many of the game's tunnels are used to get players from one area to another in a way that only the textures of the area the player enters can be seen, along with some extra (sometimes superimposed) textures representing distant areas.

2010 Map

0 Konopa Road Wrong
An early map released in 2010 shows this road slightly misplaced. It shows that it may have been originally intended to connect to Kings Park from closer to Petersburg, rather than in the Asian gardens.

It is unknown whether this was a mistake or a change of plan, but it seems unlikely the road shown in this map would be possible because it's too close to a section of Highway 99 that is higher and surrounded by tall mountains.

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