URSA Motorsport is a pro part manufacturer, specializing in top speed. Their parts can be won in races and Card Packs.

TierIcon NFSW Improved






Ursa Engine 9-6-0 % 12-6-0% 13-7-0%
Ursa Induction 8-6-0% 9-6-0% 9-7-0%
Ursa Transmission 9-6-3% 12-6-4% 13-7-4%
Ursa Suspension 6-3-8% 6-4-9% 7-4-9%
Ursa Brakes 0-0-6% 0-0-6% 0-0-7%
Ursa Tires 3-3-6% 4-4-6% 4-4-7%

Part Characteristics

URSA Motorsport parts are known as the green parts, along with Omnia Racegruppe (Street parts), Norset (Race parts), and Speedsciens (Ultra parts). These parts are focused on producing a higher top speed. This means that the engine and forced induction are focused on the higher RPMs, the transmission has longer gear ratios, the suspension is soft, and the brakes are loose. The handling parts usually increase stability at high speeds and produce understeer during cornering.

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