Velocicom is a Pro Series manufacturer, focusing on acceleration. These parts can be obtained by completing events, or buying Gold Packs.

TierIcon NFSW Improved






Velocicom Engine 6-9-0 % 6-12-0% 7-13-0%
Velocicom Induction 6-8-0% 6-9-0% 7-9-0%
Velocicom Transmission 6-8-3% 6-9-4% 7-9-4%
Velocicom Suspension 3-6-8% 4-6-9% 4-7-9%
Velocicom Brakes 0-0-6% 0-0-6% 0-0-7%
Velocicom Tires 3-6-6% 4-6-6% 4-7-7%

Part Characteristics

Velocicom parts are known as the blue parts, along with Dawndraft (Street parts), Kestrel (Race parts), and Zero Tuning Mods (Ultra parts). These parts are focused on providing better acceleration. This means their engine and forced induction are focused on producing more torque, and close-ratio transmission, which narrows gear shift ratios at the sacrifice of higher top speed. The suspension is stiffened, and tires produce plenty of traction to maximize acceleration.

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