The Chinese New Year vinyls were released for the first time in the end of January 2013. The vinyls features a set of chinese letters and other items such as the Ying and Yang symbol.

Top-Up Chinese New Year Vinyls 0 IconCurrency IGC
Vinyl CNY 1 Vinyl CNY 2 Vinyl CNY 3 Vinyl CNY 4 Vinyl CNY 5 Vinyl CNY 6 Vinyl CNY 7 Vinyl CNY 8 Vinyl CNY 9
Vinyl CNY 10 Vinyl CNY 11 Vinyl CNY 12 Vinyl CNY 13
Vinyls Vinyls
NFSWDriverLevelIcon Chicane Eikon Hatch Inkee Kerosene Linear Maskirovka Meridian Nomad Shapes Vinyls/Solo Tiotal Vandal Visor Vudu
CarDealer Audi BMW Chevrolet Dodge Ford Lamborghini Nissan Porsche Volkswagen
IconLogo ProStreet Noisebomb G-Effect Nitrocide Rouge Speed Super Promotion
Other Brands Bumper Sticker CNY Halloween Hot Pursuit Renner Spring Tyles Valentine Winter
X Year 2 & ZL1

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