X Gamemodeicon circuit Welcome to Oktoberfest
StartPoint Welcome to Oktoberfest
IconEvent Welcome to Oktoberfest
Length 4 km
Location(s) Camden

Welcome to Oktoberfest was a 4 km long Circuit taking place in Thrilltown, Camden. To celebrate Oktoberfest, Thrilltown Amusement Park was decorated to an Oktoberfest theme. This track was a community event in 2010 which was sponsored by Logitech in which players could win their products if they could beat the leaderboard times.

The track did not re-appear in 2011 or 2012 but the decorations in Thrilltown from 2010 reappeared on September 18th 2011, before disappearing again a week or two later. In 2011, players discovered that the signs still said "2010". In 2012, "2010" was removed and the space was left blank. The decorations did not appear in 2013 during the game's transistion from Quicklime Games to Easy Studios.

Promotion Oktoberfest


Made by YouTube user Darkangelshinobu.

NFS World - Circuit "Welcome to OktoberFest"02:19

NFS World - Circuit "Welcome to OktoberFest"

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Camden Hills Lunar Circuit Welcome to Oktoberfest

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