The Winter holiday season, also known as the Christmas holiday season, is a holiday celebrated by Need for Speed: World with special features, events and items.

For most of December, the game is decorated with Christmas decorations, including lights, trees and ornaments. The Forest Green Country Club is converted into a ski club with Christmas music and three ski jumps that are popular for stunt jumps and barrel rolls.

In 2010, there was a special track called Home for the Holidays available for the Holidays. It was not available in 2011, but returned on December 13th 2012.

Special Items

Please note that these releases are for a limited time only and can start and finish at any time during the holiday season.

A special pack of Christmas themed vinyls are released as a top-up bonus. In 2011 a special aftermarket card pack was released for 3,500 SpeedBoost. This pack allowed players to win Christmas themed neons and license plates, which cannot be won or bought anywhere else.

Snowflake Edition Cars

A special edition of a car known as the Snowflake Edition is released during this period as a gift with SpeedBoost top-ups of 8,000 or more. The Snowflake has Christmas themed aftermarket parts and a unique snowflake particle effect.

  • Santa at Diamond Park
  • Fairmont Bowl at Christmas
  • Ski Club
  • Rockport Square During Winter

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